Selfie game strong

I haven’t felt this horrible, in a very long time.

I be like…
Clear Path

Not that many people really want to see you succeed. Only your family really. Sometimes, even they don’t care (not the case for me). Switching from healthcare to the marketing and advertising realm has definitely been an experience that’s allowed me to use the better and more personally beloved set of skills that i possess to the fullest.

I get to give creative direction to artists, videographers and graphic designers. I get to consult national and global brands in regards to how to maximize their profits or reach their goals through strategy. i get to write copies for advertisements and tell a story through words while selling a product; even better, selling a story. It’s amazing. One thing I have learned though, no one like to hold your hand or even see you grow. Especially in the startup community. It’s all about your company’s vision, not your personal growth or success. In retrospect, startups allow for personal growth…but no one is going to help you achieve that, it’s all on you.

That being said, I’ve made it my personal goal to gain something from my experience every day, grow in some facet. I want to go from a star intrapreneur into a legendary entrepreneur. Unlike many, I want to actually use my abilities and opportunities to benefit the greater good; to help those around me; to make life more enjoyable and worth living. What people often don’t understand is that you don’t have to just be a humanitarian or in social services to make an impact in this world. You don’t have to surface the latest scientific or medical breakthrough. You can create an idea, a thought, even a product that is revolutionary. I get satisfaction from the happiness of others. Spreading that feeling and seeing others rejoice from what I do is what I consider making an impact. It’s how I choose to leave my legacy behind.

I’ll always remember these words from someone great “Work hard, be genuine and be compassionate…success will follow”

I’m glad I’ve found something I’d love to work hard at. I’m truly blessed.

Don’t take someone’s feelings for granted. You never know how much courage it took for someone to show them

oh, how i wish for 
different circumstances;
maybe a change of place,
or a sleight of time
but it’s hard to mind feelings
using heart and not minds
to mine jewels from 
the pressure of the depths,
far beyond the surface 
and captivate rubies
emeralds and pearls
which I’ve laid out 
only for your eyes,
trying to find luster
brighter than your blazing irises.
You shut eyelids pirating
what i only treasure
never to unveil them
I have…
rubies, emeralds, and pearls
worth their weight in sand
for you can’t even see me