Never stop until everything you’ve wished for is yours.


Selfie game strong

I haven’t felt this horrible, in a very long time.

I be like…

Don’t take someone’s feelings for granted. You never know how much courage it took for someone to show them

oh, how i wish for 
different circumstances;
maybe a change of place,
or a sleight of time
but it’s hard to mind feelings
using heart and not minds
to mine jewels from 
the pressure of the depths,
far beyond the surface 
and captivate rubies
emeralds and pearls
which I’ve laid out 
only for your eyes,
trying to find luster
brighter than your blazing irises.
You shut eyelids pirating
what i only treasure
never to unveil them
I have…
rubies, emeralds, and pearls
worth their weight in sand
for you can’t even see me